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Ships Attending: {Aurora} {Braemar} {Saga Ruby}
Date: {28/05/04}

Friday 28th May 2004 was a good day for a ship enthusiast (well, if you don't mind getting up early!). Three great cruisers were headed into the port and I made my way down to Town Quay to greet them for 5.30am. First in (running early) was the Braemar at 5.45am, this was her last drop off before being moved later on in the day to the King George V dry dock for maintenance, still a little grey that time in the morning the sun hadn't quite got into position, bit if you look closely you can see some of her exterior lights on.

Following on about an hour later came the largest of the three 'Aurora', almost effortlessly she made her way up past the Quay and the sun was just starting to make an impression. About 15/20 minutes later came the Caronia, a Ship I've not captured before and she was manouvered by tug into position at dock 38/39 (Queen Elizabeth II Terminal). I was really pleased with the third installments of pictures, the light was right and the ship elegant! Enjoy!

 Aurora Lovely Stern  Aurora Heading For Dock  Caronia Zoom  Caronia Full Zoom
 Braemar Portrait  Caronia Length Zoom  Caronia Turning 10oclock  Braemar Bow
 Aurora Forward Section  Aurora Zoom  Caronia Dock Tug Zoom  Caronia With Two Ferries
 Caronia With Redjet 4  Braemar Stern 2  Caronia Berthing  Caronia Turning 8oclock
 Aurora Length  Aurora Portrait  Caronia With Tug  Caronia Arriving
 Caronia Turning 7oclock  Braemar Length  Caronia Length Distant  Caronia Dock 12oclock
 Caronia Portrait Tug  Braemar Forward Section  Braemar Stern Section  Braemar Arriving
 Caronia Face On  Aurora Sweeping Wake  Caronia Portrait Forward  Braemar Funnel
 Aurora Funnel  Braemar Mid Section  Aurora Arriving  Caronia Turning 9oclock
 Caronia Turning 11oclock  Braemar Zoom 2  Braemar Zoom  Aurora Aft
 Braemar Arriving Dock  Caronia Wedged  Caronia Forward Section

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