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» Departing for Canary Islands

Ships Attending: {Braemar}
Date: {16/05/04}

Another fine day in Southampton, and what do you think I was doing? Nope - not basking in the sun sipping cocktails on a cruise ship - darn it! :-/ I was down at Mayflower Park awaiting the departure of the Braemar who was heading to the Canary Islands on a 12 night voyage.

I managed to get a few shots earlier in the day when her many small flags were on display, but in the later pictures these seem to have been removed for some reason. At 5pm on the dot she slipped her moorings and effortlessly drifted out onto the water then rather rapidly rotated on the spot until she was facing the Solent.

A lovely peaceful send off for a small cruiser with a lot of charm.

 Busy Bow Zoom  Drifting Out  Landscape With Seagul  Forward Section
 Stern Port Side Zoom  Midday Sun Distant  Midday Sun Zoom  4pm Container Passing
 Rotating 5oclock Zoom  Departing Portrait  Rotating 4oclock Portrait  Head On
 Stern And Loading  Rotating 4oclock  Silhouette Suns Rays  Stern Zoom
 Midday Sun Cranes  Moving Up Southampton Water  Facing South To The Solent  Moving Away Stern
 Rotating 7oclock  Rotating 1oclock  Rotating This Way  Forward Zoom
 Departing Landscape  Rotating Distant

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