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» Freedom of the Seas Arrives

Ships Attending: {Freedom of The Seas}
Date: {29/04/06}

Well getting up at 5.30 wasn't fun - but knowing you're about to greet the world's largest cruiseship makes it all worthwhile! Boarding a small vessel we awaited Freedom and eventually at about 6.45 slowly but surely she came into view off Calshot spit. It was a breath-taking sight as the huge vessel came towards us. I snapped away quite happily in the chilly morning air and it was nice to see so many other people out on the shores at Hythe and Mayflower park - good on you all!

Later in the day I was lucky enough to get a tour of Freedom of the Seas and see for myself the immense size and quality of the ship. Built quite obviously for the American market there is little that Freedom can't offer - you'd never ever be bored of that I'm sure!. I think my favourite part on our whistle top tour would have to be the Royal Promenade which was very grand and almost had a surreal feeling, a definite street atmostphere even though it wasn't filled with real holiday makers as yet.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend a look at Freedom of the Sea's, she's an awesome sight indeed!

 In Her Shadow 2  Mayflower From Stern  Awesome Port Side  In Her Shadow
 Onboard Boxing Ring  Mist Clears Zoom  The Scale Is Apparent  Onto The High Street
 Clearly Named  Stern  Chopper Hovers  Aft Approaches
 From The Dock  Down The Atrium  Climb To The Top  Bow Approaches
 Mist Clears  Car Parked  Main Dining Area  In Our Wake
 Out Of Mist  Towards West Quay  Kids Pool Area  Yacht Approaches
 Southampton Water From Top Deck  Atrium  Wide Stern  Greetings From Freedom
 Prominent Lookout  Reaching Birth  Down Corridor  Now Thats A Long Ship
 Calm Entry  Impressive Bow From Docks  The Ice Rink  Crowds Mayflower Park
 Relax In Cafe  Bridge Lowered  Passing Netley  Tugs Pass
 Heading This Way  Surfing The Flowrider  Chopper Arrives  Hythe Spectators
 Am I On A High Street  Presidential Suite  Artemis Docked Bow

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