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» Jewel & Aurora depart

Ships Attending: {Jewel of the Seas} {Aurora}
Date: {15/05/04}

It was almost perfect, the whole day had been sunny and the weather people almost got it right... Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas was departing Southampton as was P&O's Aurora - both at 5pm. I headed out to Calshot where I'd hoped to get the best shots and bang on schedule through the minocular I could see Jewel moving from her berth at the QE2 Terminal closely followed behind by Aurora's distinctive yellow funnel.

Time ticked by and more and more photographers seemed to come out of the woodwork, but I think like me many were quietly annoyed that the sun had gone in by this time! Jewel passed Calshot at about 5.40pm and Aurora seemed to be quite a way back following 10-15mins later and getting a photo of both ships together was quite hard (needed a zoom - out!). After Aurora has passed I dashed across the sands to the other side of the spit where I'd hoped to get a photo of the two crossing one another as they passed Cowes. Enjoy the pics!

 Jewel OTS Rounding Calshot  Aurora Rounding Calshot Portrait  Aurora Approaching  Jewel OTS With Beach Portrait
 Aurora Mid Section From Marchwood  Jewel And Aurora Crossing  Jewel And Aurora Crossed  Aurora Length Distant
 Jewel OTS Bow Sailing Boats  Aurora And Jewel With Windsurfer  Jewel And Aurora Final Portrait  Aurora Forward Section Opposite
 Jewel OTS And Lifeboat  Jewel And Aurora Approaching  Aurora Berthed  Aurora Stern From Marchwood
 Jewel OTS Mid Section And Stern  Jewel OTS Stern  Jewel OTS Full Lenth Passing Calshot  Aurora Aft Section With Sail Boat
 Jewel OTS Approaching  Jewel OTS Re-Fueling Midday  Aurora Mid Aft Section  Aurora Forward Section From Marchwood
 Aurora Full Length  Aurora Berthed Distant  Jewel OTS With Onlookers  Jewel OTS Full Length
 Jewel And Container  Aurora Bow  Zoom Aurora And Jewel Passing Isle Of Wight  Aurora With Lifeboat
 Jewel OTS Length  Aurora And Jewel Distant  Jewel OTS And Lifeboat  Aurora Rounding Calshot Portrait
 Jewel OTS And Aurora Distance  Jewel OTS Forward Section  Aurora From Marchwood  Aurora Lovely Stern
 Jewel OTS Rounding Calshot Distant

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