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» Oceana & QE2 Depart

Ships Attending: {Queen Elizabeth 2} {Oceana}
Date: {29/05/04}

Due to head out at 5pm I waited patiently at the end of Hythe Pier for Oceana and QE2. Unfortunately there was a little delay and during this time the heavens opened for about 10mins and I got a little damp! Still nevermind, the rain stopped just as Oceana was reaching the QE2 berthed at dock 38/39.

Both ships sounded their horns (almost cheekily at the end! - toot for toot) as Oceana passed Queen Elizabeth 2 which I was very impressed with, I guess being all under the Carnival umbrella helps a bit! I managed to get quite a few shots of both vessels, the QE2 leaving about 10 minutes after Oceana - Enjoy!

 QE2 Bow And Bridge 2  QE2 Cranes Zoom  Oceana Up Close N Personal  QE2 Through Sailboat Rigging
 QE2 Zoom Over 2nd Hythe Pier  QE2 Arty Snap  QE2 Length  QE2 Departing Nice Angle Portrait
 Oceana Stern Departing  QE2 Length  Oceana Bow Opposite  QE2 From Town Quay 2pm Portrait
 QE2 Over Roofs  QE2 Length Departing Portrait  Oceana Stern Section  QE2 Distant Calm
 Oceana Funnel  QE2 Departing Nice Angle  QE2 Being Tugged Out  QE2 Opposite Forward Section
 QE2 Being Tugged Wide  QE2 Forward Section Zoom  QE2 Aft Section  QE2 Portrait Solo
 QE2 Length Sailboat  QE2 2pm From Town Quay  QE2 Forward Section Sailing Away  Oceana Approaching Wide
 QE2 Midsection  Oceana Length  QE2 Headed To Liverpool Final Shot  QE2 Manouvering Portrait
 QE2 Length Zoom  QE2 Stern Packed Out  Oceana Bow And Bridge  QE2 Zoom Over Hythe Navy
 Oceana Sounding Horn  QE2 From Start Of Pier  Oceana About To Pass  QE2 Lovely Bridge
 QE2 Bow And Bridge  Oceana Apporoaching 2  QE2 Ready To Leave Nice Angle  Departing With Tug
 QE2 Length Tug Wide  Oceana Distant Zoom  QE2 All Bow  Oceana Past QE2
 QE2 Length Sailing Away

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