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» QE2 & Sundream Depart

Ships Attending: {Sundream} {Queen Elizabeth 2}
Date: {22/05/04}

Well I hadn't actually planned on getting any shots today but as the day wore on the sun came out and a look at the passenger shipping forcast to see Queen Elizabeth 2 and Sundream (who I'd not photographed before) was just too tempting. Also I'd invested in a Radio Receiver during the week - what better opportunity to test it?

I headed out to Calshot Spit and frowned a bit when the clouds came over, but as QE2 made her way up Southampton Water the sunbeams came raining down and I got some lovely shots of her passing. When she reached the west side of Calshot - even she caught the sun on her starboard marvellously - I gotta say she is still a Queen of the seas.

A short 5 or 10 minutes afterward Sundream made her entrance but wasn't quite so lucky with the sun - still I was able to get a few nice photos and did seem to notice more people out on deck than with the QE2. Enjoy the pictures!

 QE2 Zoom Portrait  QE2 Chasing Redjet  Sundawn Funnel  QE2 Length Distant
 QE2 Length Sun Forward  QE2 Midsection  QE2 Off Fawley  QE2 Stern Zoom Passing Bouy
 Sundawn Forward With Sailboat  Sundawn Forward Section  QE2 Zoom Bridge And Bow  Sundawn Zoom
 Calshot Lighthouse  Sundawn Chasing QE2  QE2 Stern Zoom  QE2 Funnel Portrait
 QE2 Distant Spectators  QE2 Length Sailboat  Sundawn Length  QE2 Landscape
 QE2 Forward Section Opposite  QE2 Forward Section  QE2 Length  QE2 Length Passing Bouy
 QE2 Spectators  Sundawn Distant Portrait  QE2 Landscape 2  QE2 Portrait Beach
 QE2 Distant Calshot  Sundawn Aft Section  QE2 Zoom  Sundawn Length Sun
 QE2 Aft Section  QE2 Distant Horizon  Sundawn Midsection

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