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» QE2 Passes QM2

Ships Attending: {Queen Mary 2} {Queen Elizabeth 2} {Saga Ruby} {Oceana}
Date: {23/04/06}

Yet again a wet, grey miserable day meant the viewing for the two Queens was far from spectacular. Not to be put out I managed to get quite a few snaps of the event and (as always on these rare occasions) loved hearing the two horns ring out across Southampton Water. Today was quite a treat since there were no fewer than five large passenger cruisers all in Southampton Oceana, Saga Rose, Saga Ruby, Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2.

QE2 made her way up out of the mist and was accompanied by a fire vessel spraying two plumes of water high into the air, she soon passed the Queen Mary 2 and you could hear cheers from those onboard both vessels enjoying the occasion. An excellent day's viewing, hopefully the sun will shine next time!

 QE2 QM2 Bow To Bow Nearly  QE2 Heading Out  Saga Ruby And Saga Rose  QM2 Zoom Bow
 QE2 Passed QM2  QE2 And Sagas  04 Saga Ruby And Saga Rose Portrait  QE2 Passing QM2
 Southampton Water QM2  QM2 Peeping Out  Oceana QE2  QM2 QE2 Passing Full Length
 QE2 Mid-Section Reflection  QE2 Approaching QM2  Saga Rose Docked  QE2 Bow
 QM2 Zoom  QM2 From Hythe  QE2 Passing QM2 Full Length  Saga Ruby And Saga Rose
 QM2 Distant  QM2 Coast  QE2 Passing Sagas With Fireboat  QE2 Admidst Sagas
 QE2 Passing Hythe Pier  QE2 QM2 Bow To Bow  QE2 Distant  QE2 Docked Infront Oceana

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