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» Queens Sail-past

Ships Attending: {Queen Mary 2} {Queen Elizabeth 2}
Date: {16/04/05}

Hello all! Im back! apologies for my lack of updates of late - hopefully this little lot will put me back in your good books. On Saturday the 16th April 2005 I was lucky enough to be a part of the Cunard Queens Sail-past which happened in Southampton. The intitial shots were taken of the interior during a fleeting mini-tour of the QM2 and the following were taken from a smaller craft as we followed up behind QM2 as she approached and past QE2.

What a spectacle! The ships horns blew and although I knew they were loud, nothings quite the same as being what seemed like only a few feet away from this immense wall of metal. I eagerly snapped away and even though the day was grey managed to get some shots which hopefully give you an idea of the day's events. QE2 looked every bit as important as her newer sister and watching the watching the two sail off to go their separate ways was a moment I won't forget - fantastic.

Enjoy the photos!

 Bridge  Almost Past  Aft Re-Fuelling 2  Docked Bow 1
 Following Up 2  There She Goes  Approaching  Head To Head
 Approaching 2  Heading For QE2  Forward Section  Proud QE2 Portrait
 The Parting Shot QE2  Awesome Vessel 2  Being Tugged
 QE2 Leaving Her Birth 2  Passing  Awesome Hull  Grand Lobby
 Departing  Farewell Queens  Incase You Need Reminding  Ross Pleased To Be Here
 Passengers Gathered  Ports Are Calling  Head To Head 2  Forward Profile 2
 Wow Bow  Straight On  Could You Ask For More  QM2 Distant
 The Sun Tries To Break Through  Wow Bow 2  QE2 Enters Ready To Sail  Awesome Vessel
 QM2 Passes Gracefully  Theatre  Farewell Queens 2  Looking Good
 Approaching 5  Aproaching 4  Panorama QE2 Distant  Length
 Simply QM2  Heading Out 2  QE2 Leaving Her Birth  QE2 Forward Section
 Splendid QE2  Forward Profile  Looking Long  Forward Profile
 Ready To Pass 2  Following Up  Queens Ballroom  QE2 Distant Southampton Water
 Leaving Southampton  Looking Back  Unknown Lucky Waver  You Had To Be There
 Approaching 3  QE2 Admidst It All  Whoa That Was Close  Now Thats A Bow
 Tugged 2  Looking Aft  They Are Just Too Big  Aft Re-Fuelling
 Britannia Restaurant  QE2 Great From Behind  Cunard Built This Ship  Docked 3
 Docked 2  Proud QE2  QM2 Funnel  What A Great Shape
 Ornate Hallway  Starting Pass  Passing Bouy  Sleek
 Being Tugged  Docked  Ready To Pass  Heading Out
 Departing 2  Coming Into The Picture  Departing 3

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