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» The Queens Depart

Ships Attending: {Queen Mary 2} {Queen Elizabeth 2}
Date: {05/06/04}

After this morning's photos I still wanted to go and get the Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 2 leaving Southampton. The sun was in an out of the clouds and at some points the greyness of the sky behind the Queens looked very menacing from Hythe! Unfortunately the QE2 did not pass the QM2 which was the popular opinion! But luckily the weather held out and I got quite a few interesting shots of both vessels (even a couple with me in!).

The QM2 left first just after 6pm and then the QE2 came into view about 6.30 What a shame there wasn't a delay on the QM2!! Still the shots from this morning make up for it! Hythe was packed with people who thronged the pier which from a distance looked like a giant toothbrush.

 QE2 Flanked By Wight Scene And Ocean Scene  QM2 On The Waves  QM2 Bow Zoom On The Waves  Lukes Folks Follow QE2
 QM2 Bow With Wight Scene And Solent Cat  QM2 Distant Through Marina  QM2 Landscape  QE2 Comes Into View With Beach
 QM2 Attracting Other Vessel  QM2 Zoom Through Marina  QM2 Bow Zoom  QE2 Arty Through Brambles
 QE2 Bow Passing Hook  QM2 Portrait With Beach  QM2 Redjet 4 Slows To Observe  QE2 Midsection Flanked By Wight Scene
 Luke And The QM2  QM2 Leaving Dock Beyond Beach  QM2 Stern Zoom Menacing Sky  Luke With QE2
 QM2 Packed Out Stern  QM2 Bow Moving Off  QM2 Atttracting Crowds  QM2 Midsection Funnel Catching Sun
 QM2 Midsection Flanked By Redjet 4  QM2 Departing  QM2 Forward Section  QM2 Forward Section Menacing Sky
 QM2 Portriat Distant  QE2 Landscape  QM2 Hythe Pier Busy With Spectators

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