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» Turning Point

Ships Attending: {Royal Princess}
Date: {31/05/04}

Royal Princess was docked quite a way down and I thought I'd try something different and get some shots as she turned... I was a little dubious about my positioning since I wasn't 100% sure how (or where exactly) the captain would turn the ship. Luckily my standing in the wet (again... hmm annoying considering June is tommorrow!) paid off and she spun around right infront of me at Marchwood and I was able to get the full turn through my farily narrow field of view.

Unfortunately the grey weather of the UK never adds much to the photos, but it's better than nothing - I even hopped in the car and zipped up to Hythe and got a few last shots as she moved up Southampton Water - enjoy!

 Turning 11oclock  Direct Opposite Portrait  Turning 12oclock  Moving South
 Landscape With Buoy  Portrait Forward Section  Turning 1oclock  Zoom Stern
 Portrait Turning 10oclock  Landscape Starting To Move  Redjet4 Passing Bow  Length From Hythe
 Zoom Top Deck  Stern Passing Buoy  Passing Hythe Pier  Funnel Zoom
 Landscape From Hythe  Turning 2oclock  Landscape Beginning Turn

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