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» (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions

Here are some answers to questions I've been asked since the site went live and some extra facts which might be of some interest:

Q: Why is the site no longer updated?

A: I moved away from Southampton, I still get back once in a while but haven't been able to add any new sets for a long while.

Q: Have you got nothing better to do?

A: LOL, of course! I've a lot of other interests, but its nice to be able to give something back to community - especially to those who don't have such easy access to the subject.

Q: Can I get a print of an image?

A: Yes, I occasionally sell professionally printed prints of the pictures and if you contact me with the image name and the type of size you're after I will give you a costing.

Q: Can I get a high-res digital copy of an image?

A: Currently no, the site is so new I've not looked into selling my original high-res images, but this may well change if I get enough interest. I do however sell prints of the pictures from time to time and if you contact me with the image name and the type of size you're after I will give you a costing.

Q: Do you sell mousemats with different pictures on?

A: Currently no, I'm afraid the cost of producing one-offs isn't really worthwhile (unless of course I make them quite expensive!) I'm able to produce the QM2 mousemat in very small batches where I can make about £1 which goes back into the hosting of the site.

Q: What camera do you use?

A: I'm not a professional photographer and don't have an expensive SLR. I do however have quite a nice digital camera with a 10x optical zoom which for me is sufficient.

Its an Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom. I did look at 'stabilised' cameras which would be very helpful when using full magnification but so far i've been able to capture most shots without too much shake!

Q: How do you know when ships are coming and going from Southampton?

A: This comes from a variety of sources, passenger timetables are available to the public from the Southampton VTS. Depending on other variables however this data can (and does quite often) change, in which case I use a radio scanner reciever set to 156.600 which is the (V)essel (T)raffic (S)ervice for port operations and you can hear lots of more up to date movement information.

Q: Can you get me some free cruise tickets?

A: Are you insane? It's just a hobby! I don't work for any cruiseline and if I could get free tickets, do you really think I'd give them away!!!